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Recent Incident and Member Stories...

Truck Company Runs Bladensburg Townhouse Fire

September 12, 2014 - Just as crews were starting to think about dinner, PSC struck the box for a report of a townhouse on fire. Units from Company 9 arrived to find a middle of the row townhouse with fire on all floors and extension to both exposures. The interior crew from Truck 812 went to work completing primaries and checking for the extension. The exterior crew went to work throwing several hundred feet of ground ladders and performing other outside duties. Truck 812 operated on the scene for about three hours before returning to service.

Never Forget September 11, 2001

September 11, 2014 - The Officers and Membership of the College Park Volunteer Fire Department would like to take a moment to acknowledge those who were lost on September 11, 2001. Please keep those in mind that continue to develop illnesses that are related to that tragic day. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Truck Company Runs Riverdale Apartment Fire

September 10, 2014 - Around 1115 hours, Truck 812 was alerted as the third due truck on the box for the 6800 block of Riverdale Road in Company 13's first due for a report of an apartment fire, possibly in the boiler room. First arriving units reported a three story garden style apartment building with smoke showing and requested the working fire dispatch. Units found a fire that originated in the basement mechanical area and had extended to the first floor through the floor and pipe chases. A second alarm was requested for additional manpower to check exposures and help open up. Truck 812 initially established the RIT on side A and assisted throwing ground ladders and clearing windows. Once the fire was knocked down the truck was reassigned to help open up in the fire building. Chief 812 was the division one supervisor for the duration of the event and the truck operated for about three hours before returning to service.

**Photo courtesy of PGFD PIO**

Truck Company Runs Beltsville Warehouse Fire

September 05, 2014 - Around 0500 hours, Engine Company 31 was alerted to the 10600 block of Tucker Street in the industrial area of their first due for a report of smoke in the area. They tracked down the source of the smoke after several minutes to a single story commercial building in the 10700 block and requested the box to be filled for a fire in the building. The crew was already awake after returning from another call moments before and the Truck was on the road almost immediately. Chief 812 was the first command officer to arrive and reported a single story commercial with smoke showing from all sides and established the Tucker Street Command. Truck 812 was the first due truck, positioned on the A/B corner of the building and went to work on the interior and the exterior. The interior crew forced a door to gain entry and assisted with the primary search of the building. The exterior crew assisted with opening up roll up doors as well as laddering the roof and opening up skylights and other natural openings. The crews got a quick knock on a fire involving the office space of the warehouse and command held Truck 812 to assist with overhaul and investigators for just over an hour. Photographed is the crew from Truck 812 and Squad 814 opening one the roll up doors on Side A.

Happy Labor Day From the CPVFD!

September 01, 2014 - This weekend, while staffing the station and running well over 70 calls for service, the volunteers have gotten to enjoy a newly renovated area of the station, the patio. Over the last few months the members have refurbished all the outdoor patio furniture, a natural gas line has been run, flower pots hung, all concrete power washed and a new (very large) grill was procured for the members to be able to grill and enjoy the nice fall weather. This area was renovated in preparation for a complete kitchen renovation coming this fall!

New Fall Semester Brings Busy Weekend for College Park VFD

August 29, 2014 - As the University of Maryland moved in for the fall semester starting on Wednesday, the call volume has come back with the students. While kept busy all summer long with a steady call load, the first few weeks of the semester are notoriously some of the busiest at Company12. Overnight last night, (Thursday 8/28-8/29) the units at Company 12 ran nine calls for service between midnight and 0700 alone. Ranging from BLS locals on the ambulance, unconscious persons, stuck elevators ,and an auto next to a house to round out the evening. Several other calls in the first due were handled by other units while all of the Company12 units were handling other runs simultaneously. Please remember to be careful and enjoy your time back at school responsibly. Welcome back UMD!

Truck Company and Chief Run Bladensburg House Fire

August 24, 2014 - Around 1645 hours, Truck 812 was alerted to the 4700 block of Decatur Street in Company 9's area for a report of a house explosion and on fire. Units arrived to find a two story single family dwelling with smoke showing from the roof. Truck 812 arrived a short time later and established the RIT on side A. The truck crew ensured that all windows were laddered and secured the gas service to the house. Units from Company 9 quickly located and extinguished a bedroom on the second floor. With no extension found command scaled back and Truck 812 was clear in about 40 minutes. During the incident additional volunteer crews on Engine 812 and Ambulance 812 transferred to Stations 9 and 1 respectively to cover the area while other units worked the fire.

Truck Company Runs Beltsville Vacant

July 30, 2014 - Around 2000 hours, the box was struck for the 7600 block of Old Muirkirk Road in Company 31's first due for a report of a vacant house on fire. While enroute, a large column of smoke was visible in the distance and due to numerous calls reporting a working fire, the working fire dispatch was sounded. First arriving units reported a two story wood frame, vacant single family dwelling with heavy fire conditions throughout and due to partial structural collapse it would be an exterior operation only. The Truck arrived moments later and the crew went to work opening secured doors and windows so the engine companies could access the fire. While the crew was working, the outside crew and driver maneuvered the truck into position in an adjacent driveway to be able to put the ladder pipe into operation. Once set up, units shut down other exterior lines and the truck (supplied by Engine Company 31) went to work knocking the bulk of the remaining fire. Truck 812 operated for almost three hours ladder piping and assisting with extensive overhaul.

Haz Mat Support Unit Runs Accident on Interstate 95

July 22, 2014 - Just before dinner, units from the Sixth Battalion were dispatched to South Bound Interstate 95 at Inter-County Connector for a report of an auto accident. Units arrived within minutes to find an auto accident that involved a tractor trailer. After investigating further they discovered that the saddle tank on the tractor trailer had be compromised and would require the services of Company 12. Crews from Company 12 worked to clean up the fuel that was on the ground and pump off the remaining fuel in the saddle tank.

Engine and Chief Run First Due Building Fire

July 10, 2014 - While leaving the station just before lunch, Chief 812 noticed a large amount of smoke coming across the road as he pulled onto Route one. Chief 812 quickly realized the fryer at McDonalds was running way too hot. The fryer was to the point it was on fire and running the duct work into the roof. The Chief requested the box be filled while a member who was also in the buggy ensured the building was evacuated and got a knock on the fire in the fryer with several extinguishers. Once other units arrived they worked from above and below to ensure the fire in the duct work was fully extinguished and there was no extension. Units from Company 12 operated for just under two hours before returning to service.

Stories older than February 15, 2013 can be found in our archives!

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