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Recent Incident and Member Stories...

Truck Company Runs Beltsville Vacant

July 30, 2014 - Around 2000 hours, the box was struck for the 7600 block of Old Muirkirk Road in Company 31's first due for a report of a vacant house on fire. While enroute, a large column of smoke was visible in the distance and due to numerous calls reporting a working fire, the working fire dispatch was sounded. First arriving units reported a two story wood frame, vacant single family dwelling with heavy fire conditions throughout and due to partial structural collapse it would be an exterior operation only. The Truck arrived moments later and the crew went to work opening secured doors and windows so the engine companies could access the fire. While the crew was working, the outside crew and driver maneuvered the truck into position in an adjacent driveway to be able to put the ladder pipe into operation. Once set up, units shut down other exterior lines and the truck (supplied by Engine Company 31) went to work knocking the bulk of the remaining fire. Truck 812 operated for almost three hours ladder piping and assisting with extensive overhaul.

Haz Mat Support Unit Runs Accident on Interstate 95

July 22, 2014 - Just before dinner, units from the Sixth Battalion were dispatched to South Bound Interstate 95 at Inter-County Connector for a report of an auto accident. Units arrived within minutes to find an auto accident that involved a tractor trailer. After investigating further they discovered that the saddle tank on the tractor trailer had be compromised and would require the services of Company 12. Crews from Company 12 worked to clean up the fuel that was on the ground and pump off the remaining fuel in the saddle tank.

Engine and Chief Run First Due Building Fire

July 10, 2014 - While leaving the station just before lunch, Chief 812 noticed a large amount of smoke coming across the road as he pulled onto Route one. Chief 812 quickly realized the fryer at McDonalds was running way too hot. The fryer was to the point it was on fire and running the duct work into the roof. The Chief requested the box be filled while a member who was also in the buggy ensured the building was evacuated and got a knock on the fire in the fryer with several extinguishers. Once other units arrived they worked from above and below to ensure the fire in the duct work was fully extinguished and there was no extension. Units from Company 12 operated for just under two hours before returning to service.

Truck Company Runs Mount Rainier Duplex Fire

July 09, 2014 - Around noon, Truck 12 was alerted to the 5000 block of 38th Avenue in Company 55's area for a report of a house on fire. Units arrived to find a two story duplex with smoke showing from the roof line. Truck 812 responded as the third due special service on the call and upon arrival established the RIT on Side A while Chief 812 assumed the role of the Division 2 supervisor. Truck 812 operated on the scene for just under an hour before returning to service.

Truck Company Goes to Langley Park for the Working Fire

July 07, 2014 - Around 0330 on after already being up for several hours during the night on a transfer to Company 33, the Truck crew was again out of bed and on the road to the 1400 block of University Boulevard in Company 34's area for a report of a building fire. Units arrived on the scene with a corrected address and a single story bump out off of a garden style apartment building with smoke showing. Truck 812 arrived moments later and took a position on Side Charlie. The crew quickly went to work on the exterior performing horizontal ventilation by removing plywood over windows, laddering the building, and throwing the aerial to the exposure. The interior crew assisted in opening up for the engines who had found a fire in a vacant apartment. Units got a quick knock on the fire and Truck 812 remained on scene for about an hour to assist with providing lighting for the investigators. Chief 812 had command for the duration of the incident.

Company 12 Runs First Due Pedestrian Struck

July 06, 2014 - In the early morning hours, the Engine, Ambulance and Medic Unit from Company 12 were alerted to the intersection of Hartwick Road and Baltimore Avenue for a report of a pedestrian struck. Units arrived to find one patient suffering from critical injuries after being struck by a suspected drunk driver who ran from the scene. Units worked together to provide life saving treatments to the patient but despite the best efforts of the crews on the scene the victim was pronounced deceased. Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of this type in the several block stretch of Route One that runs through downtown College Park. Unfortunately, there have been multiple fatal incidents involving pedestrians vs automobiles in this area within the last year. This serves as yet another unfortunate and sobering reminder to use extreme caution when driving and walking in this stretch of road especially in the early morning hours on weekend nights. This area is unusually very heavily congested with pedestrians between the hours of 10 PM-3 AM on weekend nights due to the proximity of the University and many of the local bars being in the area. The thoughts and prayers of the CPVFD go out to the victim of this incident and their family during this difficult time.

Truck Company Runs Greenbelt Townhouse Fire

July 04, 2014 - Around 1800 hours, Truck 812 was alerted to the 7200 block of Morrison Drive in Company 35's area for a report of a shed on fire to the rear of a townhouse. While enroute, the box was filled out due to the smoke visible from the reported area. Units arrived to find a two story townhouse with a shed off to the rear, extending to a wood fence and the siding of the home. Truck 812 arrived and positioned in the rear on the next block and ran ground ladders to the rear while the interior crew reported to the bravo exposure to check for extension. With no extension found and the fire quickly knocked, command scaled back to hold one and one. The truck returned to service in just under an hour.

Haz Mat Support and Foam Unit Run Beltway Haz Mat

July 01, 2014 - Around 2215 hours, the Hazmat Company was requested to assist units on a tractor trailer fire on Interstate-495 in the area of Good Luck Road. The tractor trailer cab was fully involved on arrival with its saddle tanks compromised and leaking diesel fuel. The Hazmat and Foam Unit from Company 12 responded and were assisted by Hazmat Company 16 with pumping off more than 200 gallons of diesel fuel. The company operated for about an hour before returning to service.

Busy Weekend of Training for Company 12

July 01, 2014 - This past weekend members were granted the opportunity to train on the old Shriver Lab building on campus. The Shriver Lab Building is about to be demolished to make room for new construction. Members and our summer probies got plenty of invaluable hands-on training. This training was mostly on the order of roof operations, outside ventilation, and ladder practice. A big thank you to the University of Maryland and the project managers on this job for giving us this opportunity. Also thanks to the Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Dept & Rescue Squad, Inc. Truck Co. 14 for coming out and training with us. Members spent many hours of their weekend honing their skills and helping teach the new probies.

Engine and Ambulance Run Baltimore Avenue Wreck

June 22, 2014 - Around 1328 hours Engine and Ambulance Company 12 were alerted to the 9600 block of Baltimore Avenue for a report of a personal injury accident with one on it's side. The units arrived to the same, with a second vehicle also involved and the vehicle on it's side smoking. The crew from the engine deployed an attack line and stood by while the ambulance evaluated one patient from the second vehicle involved. The occupants of the overturned vehicle self extricated prior to fire departments arrival in an attempt to flee the scene of an alleged robbery that occurred moments before. The ambulance transported one patient for an evaluation and the crew cleared in about 30 minutes. Chief 12 had command of the incident.

Stories older than February 15, 2013 can be found in our archives!

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