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Recent Incident and Member Stories...

Haz-Mat and Foam Units Run Overturned Fuel Truck on 95

March 10, 2015 - Around 1015 hours, units from Company 12 were alerted to Southbound I-95 in the area of 198 for a report of an overturned tractor trailer. As units were enroute, PSC advised they were receiving reports of a fuel tanker overturned and leaking in the roadway and upgraded the assignment to a full haz-mat box alarm. First arriving units encountered a tanker hauling bio-diesel overturned and leaking a significant amount of product onto the roadway. Chief 812 and Chief 812B arrived on the scene just behind the initial units and were assigned operations and haz-mat group supervisor respectively. The initial suppression units worked quickly to create a dam to prevent the leaking product from advancing any further and protecting storm drains. The haz-mat unit from Company 12 arrived and quickly worked to don PPE and make entry with Chief 812 to plug the compromised tank and stop the leak. A secondary hole in the tank was located but could not be accessed due to the position of the tanker so additional damming efforts were undertaken while MDE arrived and began to offload the product into a second waiting tanker. Units from Company 12 operated for about four hours before returning to service.

Throwback picture of the Former Truck 12 - "The Goose"

February 20, 2015 - A great photo of "The Goose" from John Floyd II. Here, Truck 12 is seen operating on a second alarm fire on Main Street in Laurel during the early 1980's. Until many other area departments purchased ladder trucks in the 1990's, it was routine for Truck 12 to take the relatively long (but fast) trek up Route 1 North on almost all box alarms in Laurel.

***photo by J. D. Floyd II, Royal Blue Ltd. archives***

Truck Company Runs Mount Rainer House Fire

February 12, 2015 - Just as the crew was finished cleaning the station, the box was dropped in Company 55's first due for a report of a house on fire with people possible trapped. First arriving units arrived quickly to find a single family home well involved with extension to both exposures. The truck crew and established the Rapid Intervention Team and worked to ensure that ladders were thrown and that all egress points were available. Crews worked for several hours to ensure that all fire was knocked and all searches were negative.

Engine, Ambulance, and Chief Run First Due High Rise

February 07, 2015 - Around 0145 hours, Engine Company 12 was alerted for an automatic fire alarm in a high-rise in the 8200 block of Baltimore Avenue. Just after dispatch, PSC upgraded the call to a box alarm for smoke on the upper floors of the occupied high-rise. The engine arrived on scene and reported to the upper floors where smoke was being reported on 11 and 12. The crew made it as far as division 7 when they encountered moderate smoke conditions in the hallway and smoke from the trash room. Units on the box worked together to locate and extinguish the fire in the trash room, ensure the safety of all occupants, and ventilate the entire building. Chief 812 had the Baltimore Avenue Command and the Engine Company operated for approximately two hours before returning to service.

***Photo Courtesy of www.bvfco11.com***

Truck Company runs Laurel House Fire

February 06, 2015 - Around 1940 hours, Truck 812 was alerted as the third due truck for a report of smoke coming from a house in the 500 block of Clay's Lane in Company 10's area. Units arrived and reported heavy smoke from the attic and eaves of a two story single family dwelling. Truck 812 arrived and established RIT while securing utilities to the home as well as assisting with laddering and providing lighting on side C. Chief 812 was assigned the role of safety officer for the duration of the incident. Truck 812 operated for just under an hour before returning to service.

Continued Progress on the Kitchen

February 06, 2015 - A lot of good progress the past few days on the kitchen! A new, custom pot rack was installed made from a re-purposed stokes basket, the ceiling work was completed along with installation of concealed sprinkler heads for a more finished look and the remaining electrical work was completed. Only a few more days of work remain before the project is complete and we are fully back up and running!

Truck Company and Chief Run Berwyn Heights House Fire

January 29, 2015 - Just after 0900 hours, PSC struck the box for a house fire in the 6200 Block of Seminole Street. Truck 812 was dispatched as the second due truck on the box. Within minutes, the crew from Company 14 arrived to find heavy smoke showing, which was quickly followed up with a report of fire showing. Truck 812's crew was assigned to assist with opening up and complete a thorough secondary search due to the victims out front when the crews initially pulled up which were removed by an off duty member of Company 11. The Truck remained on scene for just over an hour assisting with overhaul until placed in service by command.

***Photos Courtesy of the Branchville VFD***

The Kitchen Renovation Project is Well Underway!

January 25, 2015 - The kitchen renovation project is well underway at Station 12. Stay tuned for more pictures and information about the progress that is being made everyday. This kitchen upgrade well be a completely new kitchen and will be a welcome addition to the station.

Truck Company and Chief Run Lanham Second Alarm Apartment Fire

January 24, 2015 - With a few runs already in the book, Truck 812 was dispatched on the Fire Task Force to the 8400 Block of Greenbelt Road in Company 48's first due. Crews from the sixth battalion were initially dispatched for a report of an apartment on fire and quickly arrived to find a working fire in a terrace level apartment and a report of the resident still trapped. Truck 812 arrived just as the call was being upgraded to a full second alarm. The truck crew went to work helping to open up for the engine companies, throwing additional ladders, and working on additional searches. Truck 812 remained on scene for just over two hours before returning to service.

Truck and Chief Run Hyattsville House Fire

January 13, 2015 - Around noon, Truck 812 was alerted as the first due truck to the 3800 block of Oglethorpe Street in Company 1's area for a report of a house on fire. Units arrived to find a two story single family dwelling with smoke showing from all sides. Truck 812 arrived and sent a member to the roof as well as the interior to operate with Chief 812 as the division one supervisor. Units found a bedroom off with some extension to the knee walls. The truck completed the primary of division one and opened up for the engine company while the outside crew laddered, took the natural openings on the roof, and stood by to cut. The truck operated for about two hours before returning to service.

Stories older than February 15, 2013 can be found in our archives!

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